Summer, Summer, Summertime

It's the first day of Summer!!!! Stay Cool!!!! I know some people did not realize that summer hadn't made it here yet and some thought since it's already been HOT, it's Summer. But nope, today is the day. It's probably going to be an extremely HOT Summer because Springs weather was Summer-like. I hope everyone … Continue reading Summer, Summer, Summertime

5 Holidays Worth Saving For


A romantic getaway ravishing in the beauty of the Greek Islands. A stop at Santorini is a must with the town’s iconic blue and white cliff sitting houses. Walk for hours along the stone pavements, and at the end of the day a romantic dinner with a view of the most amazing sunset. 

Spending a week exploring the wonders of Amsterdam. From the joys of hidden cafes to the excitement of the red light district. Hire a bike and ride through the cities pretty streets or why not take an evening boat ride through the canals. 

A quick tropical vacay at the heavenly Maldives. With little bungalows over the ocean complete with glass floors, this place is something of dreams. Crystal clear water and clean white sandy beaches. Pack your swimmers and show off that bikini bod you’ve been working so hard on! 

A great royal affair. Two weeks in London would do anyone some good! Exploring the cities most iconic attractions such…

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