Meet Tristan Walker, the 31-year-old who raised $24 million to build personal care line for people of colour


BEING THE CHANGE: Tristan Walker BEING THE CHANGE: Tristan Walker

MEET TRISTAN Walker, the 31-year-old Silicon Valley CEO who raised $24m to build a personal care line for people of colour

His company and his nonprofit are both focused on issues affecting people of colour.

Tristan Walker didn’t know anything about Silicon Valley until he was 24 years old.

Today, at age 31, he’s gone through stints at Twitter, Foursquare and Andreessen Horowitz, emerging as a leader in efforts to boost diversity in tech.

Tristan’s two-year old health and beauty startup, Walker & Company Brands, is growing fast.

Much of that success comes thanks to Bevel, a shaving kit geared toward men of colour.

“What frustrated me was how much money this demographic spends,” he says, while at the same time being offered such limited product options.

Earlier this year, he raised a $24 million round of funding, including investment from celebrities including rapper Nas…

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