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Hello World,

Well I do not know where to begin. So many different things have been going on. Of course, I am not speaking of myself when I say that. The killings that have occured throughout this country this week are so saddening. The entire situation is sad and unfortunately, it continues to get worse and worse. On Wednesday, July 6, 2016 after I saw the first video of the killing of Mr. Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LA I felt so disgusted, angry, frustrated, and just mad. Then I realized that I live in a country that can be corrupt and purposely do things to take our attention off other things. So I made a status on Facebook and put this out on twitter, I said “Here’s the thing…. Nobody deserves to lose their life wrongfully, yet people kill people every single day…. No matter what race or color they are, it happens every single day… The same race kills the same race and that race kills this race…. This is happening everyday it might not be in the news in your city when it’s happening across the country… But let me state what I think…. When things like this happen I personally believe the media is paid to publicize it to everyone so that they can cover up something, like for instance didn’t the FBI just state no charges against Hillary Clinton…. I’m pretty sure all these instances are really political moves…. It’s still messed up though…. The world we live in…..” Then the very next day I found out about Mr. Philando Castile and also watched the video where his girlfriend went live as he died from being shot by a Police officer. I still feel that this is a political thing, however, it is getting out of control. Last night as people protested in the streets of downtown Dallas, TX, shots are fired, 12 Police officers injured and 5 killed. I mean wow, what can you say. I can honestly say at this point I do not know who to trust or what to believe. I do know this though; at the end of the day, I will protect my family first.

All this is going on, and I have to think I am a wife of a black man, what if he is killed by a Police officer? What if it is for no reason? What will I do? We have a child. I mean these are the thoughts that cross my mind. I have to tell my husband before he leaves for work to be careful, I feel for the families mourning the loses of their loved ones right now. I can only imagine the pain and hurt they are facing. It is so sad.

I am so tired of seeing this negative stuff all over the news, internet, social media etc. I feel it is being done purposely to make the BLACK people angry. I will remain aware of what is going on, but I am not feeding into the foolery that “THEY” want us to feed into. I am vibrating way higher than that. Something needs to be done, but me as a black woman have realized long ago we will never ever be considered equal, period. This country was not built on equality, so I am not going to sit here like that could ever change. Moreover, I would not want to be considered equivalent to something that is really beneath me as a whole. However, please understand WE will stand for something rather than nothing.

Now for a update on me, well I am still loosing weight, or trying at least. This weight loss journey has been one wild rollercoaster ride. I cut back on sweets, and that has been so tough. I am always craving something sweet, and it is always late at night. Therefore, instead of finding something sweet I force myself to sleep. The pressure is definitely on. I am still doing challenges with my Fitbit and even tracking more things with my Apple Watch. However, this past week I had to take a break because my ankles were in so much pain from so much walking. I hope that means they are getting stronger. Well that is pretty much it about me.

Please everyone continue to pray for this country and the people in it. I’m out!


Rocky J

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