Words From Me!

Where Have I Been???

It seems like it has been forever and some. So much has happened with me since my last “Words From Me!” post. Let’s see where do I begin? Here’s a start I had a whole baby, yes a WHOLE BABY! I had my son back in September and he is just everything. Since being a mom of two, they have been keeping me extremely busy. Luckily, my daughter started school this year, which gives me a slight mommy of two break, but she is really a great big sister and helper. Most of my time has been family time with adjusting to my new addition.

To go back even further, while I was pregnant I was not worried about losing weight or anything, however, I did not gain a lot of weight during my pregnancy either. As of now I am back at trying to lose about 45-50 pounds. I have not started working back out since I had my son, but I do plan to start soon, very soon. First thing is first; I should be riding my bike this weekend.

I have missed being on here so much and I am so ecstatic to be back! Until next time.


Rocky J

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