It’s Fri-YAY!!!!

Straight to it today, Missy Elliot, ooohhh excuse me I mean, Dr. Melissa “Missy” Elliott dropped her new album ICONOLOGY and it’s BOOMING in the charts already. People are going crazy over the song and video for #ThrowItBack and it’s full of that “MISSY” vibe we’ve been missing. Be sure to check out the album. The video for #ThrowItBack is down below.


Alright, something else to pay attention to: THE AMAZON IS ON FIREEEEEEE!!! Literally, the Amazon, the LARGEST Rainforest in the world, which is located in South America, is on fire. Now don’t get me wrong there have been fires in the past but this one is bad. I find it ironic though, that this is happening, because earlier this year The Waorani people of Pastaza, an indigenous tribe from the Ecuadorian Amazon won a lawsuit against big oil. They basically saved their land from being mined for oil drillings. Now all of a sudden a huge Amazon Fire strikes, but it’s being blamed on Global Warming. I don’t it just all sounds a little fishy to me. You know people do crazy things when it involves their money, that’s all I’m saying. But hopefully this can get rectified sooner than later.

I’m sure you all know POPEYES is BOOMING!!! Taking over social media with their Chicken Sandwich. Lines are wrapped around the buildings and going down the streets lol. I haven’t tried it, but I did buy it a few weeks ago for my daughter. She couldn’t even finish it because it was soooo BIG. But check that out too y’all.

Now, I also saw CNBC post about #BlackWomensEqualPayDay so at first I was like ohhh I’m getting paid extra today. But after reading it said, “In the U.S., the average full-time working woman earns $0.80 to every dollar earned by men. For women of color, this gap is a lot wider as they deal with the dual effects of race and gender in the workplace,” so with that being said, today the #BlackWomensEqualPayDay is because, “After 8 months of working into the new year, the average black woman has finally reached the same pay white men earned the previous year.  Currently, the average black woman earns $0.61 to every $1 earned by a white man & stands to lose $23,653/year.” Long story short it’s still not equal but we are gradually making progress.

Alrighty, have a GREAT weekend guys! ✌️🏾

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