Monday Blues…..

I really don’t have the blues….

I’m recharging from a busy week last week, hoping that this week doesn’t drain my battery before it’s full.

You would think that with Daylight Savings Time giving that extra hour, I would be well rested and all that good stuff. Welp. I’m not. I am slowly getting there though.

I have come to realize that I always jump to be there for others and tend to forget about home, and that’s not good. I don’t do it to the extreme but I definitely notice I do it. So this week I’m focusing more on my family. Time really does matter.

Last week though we did dress up for Halloween and went trick or treating. This year I was Kryptonite and my kids were SuperBoy and SuperGirl. So of course I’m their weakness right? Lol (Pics Below)


Also, last week 3 precious babies were born, not mine, but mine. Wednesday my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Miss Khloie Brielle, Thursday one of my friends had an early arrival bundle and strong Mister Uriah Daxton and Friday another one of my friends gave birth to a handsome Mister Ajani Kyan (middle name by me :-)). All the baby love I can get and I love it.

So with that being said HAPPY MONDAY!!!!

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