30 Must Haves Before Turning Thirty!

If you don’t know I’m 29! So I am literally tip toeing at 30. About a year or so ago I had read this article about what women should have in their closet by 30. Well I saved that article and now I am working on just that, 30 things a women should have in her closet by 30. Whoooaaaa I’m turning 30 in less than 7 months ahhhhhhh!!!

Ok I’m back, so here’s the list of the 30 things:

  1. Elegant Blazer
  2. Ballet Flats
  3. Classic Pumps
  4. Authentic Leather Bag
  5. Tailored Suit
  6. Diamond Earrings
  7. A White Blouse
  8. The Trench Coat
  9. Little Black Dress
  10. A Nice Watch
  11. A White Tee
  12. Denim Jacket
  13. Moto Jacket
  14. Classic White Button Down
  15. Stripped Shirt
  16. Statement Jacket
  17. The Perfect Pair Of Jeans
  18. Black Pants
  19. Booties
  20. Lace Bra
  21. Midi Skirts
  22. White Sneakers
  23. Everyday Tote
  24. Cat Eye Sunglasses
  25. Wide Brim Hat
  26. Single Strap Stiletto Sandal
  27. Duster Coats
  28. Silk Scarf
  29. The Perfect Bathing Suit
  30. Power Dress

Now, I do have a few of these things but not all. So over the next couple of months I’ll be completing this list. I’ll keep you guys posted as I get my list together.

I still can’t believe how fast 30 came.

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