I’m Thankful!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

I am so thankful for everything!! My family, far and near, my friends, and every experience I have had to encounter to make me who I am today.

When I think about thanksgiving, I think back on my childhood where all of my family would gather at my aunts house and we would have a great time. The women would be in the kitchen cooking, the men would be in the Den watching football, the kids would be in the basement playing games and running around, the older people would be in the living room talking about who knows what. It was always a great time. I also think about times I was able to visit others and spend thanksgiving with them. I learned so many different traditions. Specifically, when families would gather in a circle and all tell what they were thankful for. My family didn’t do that until later later down the line, but I thought that was a great thing to do with your family on thanksgiving. It was almost like a icebreaker. Great times!

I also feel like thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only day to recognize THANKS. I think we should acknowledge THANKS 365. I’m not saying we should celebrate the thanksgiving holiday 365, but acknowledge it and let people know you are thankful for them and appreciate them often.

I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!

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