Words From Me!


I cannot believe it is March already. This year is going by so fast, I almost believing clocks are moving faster and we just cannot tell. Anyway, enough about that, these past couple of days so much has went on, from the Oscars to Katt Williams getting arrested again, to Super Tuesday! I am trying to keep up. Chris Rock and the Oscars were DEEP, very DEEP. The Katt Williams incident was crazy and his beef with Kevin Hart is even crazier. As far as voting who knows whom our next POTUS will be, not I.

Update date on my weight loss journey. I have been gaining weight and it is not good at all. I decided to cut back on a few things, grits for breakfast in particular. Also, I had to eat the remaining Girls Scout cookies I had, those get me every time. I have been working out on a regular basis and doing Yoga as well and I am enjoying that. I have been working on my strength and now I am including Cardio. I always start on the treadmill walking on a incline of 15 and then I start my workout. Today I actually started running again and I have not ran in a while. It felt good to come from the gym and take a run through my neighborhood. I recently took a trip to GNC and bought their GNC WellBeing be-HOT exercise enhancing turbopak, which is a dietary supplement for women. I hope that, that can assist with my journey; I am not going to stop until I get to my goal weight 185. Until next time.

XOXO, Rocky J

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