Sometimes I want to be gone

Not from my life

But from where I’m at in life

I use to have drive

I use to strive 

I use to have dreams 

All I knew was succeed 

I had it all laid out

The life I wanted

Then I got it

And my motivation 

I lost it

See with life

Comes the unexpected 

If you haven’t experienced it

You’re not prepared for it

Yeah I had it all laid out

Determined it would all work out 

Until it hit me 

I didn’t consider reality

The sad the happy

The fun the wacky

The stress the unhappy

The anger the angry

The mad the friendly

The pain the pregnancy

The death the agony 

The change the money

The unexpected the unlikely 

The loss the victory 

The hurt the fatality 

The fake the reality 

And when it hit me

It hit hard

I began to question it all

What’s next?

Feels like I’ve lost it all

I’m stuck 

And don’t know if I can move from this fall

It hurts 

So much pain 

What is there to gain?

I’m failing significantly 

Yet I’m trying to maintain


My life

My family 

The weight is at times vexatious 

I just keep going

You might call it ambitious



I wrote this poem as a reminder to keep going. At times you may be struggling and feeling like you want to give up and quit, DON’T! Take time and focus on what’s next for you. You can’t change the past, but you can look forward to what the future has in store for you.

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