Mother Daughter Day, I Just Might

My daughter is my first-born and now that she has a sibling (a baby brother) we don’t get to have as much time where it’s just us two. She was so use to it just being her for 4.5 years, so when the opportunity comes for us to have that time together I take full advantage of it. It’s important for her to feel special and loved, because with having a younger sibling the attention of her parents are no longer only on her.

Yesterday, we got dressed (I let her pick out her own clothes and told her to make sure she matched and she did, ALL PINK, I didn’t mean it literally, we’ll work on that), we went to Mall #1 Green Hills and did a little shopping, after that we made a quick stop at Whole Foods (had to get a Aloe Leaf), then we headed to Mall #2 Opry Mills where we ate lunch at TGIFridays, met up with some friends, then did a little more shopping for her this time, after leaving the mall we went on a Target Run and ended up at Smoothie King for $5 Dollar Fridays. It was a great day! Just spending time with her and making it known, she’s still my baby too, was everything.

Here are some pictures we took while out yesterday:


Don’t forget every child needs there own time with you sometimes 😉

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