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A Brand New Day

It’s Monday and honestly my last few Mondays have been a little rough (ironically), so I’m going into this Monday on a different frequency. It’s November, NOVEMBER! I literally can remember last November like it was only a few months ago. I don’t know about anyone else but it seems as if the older I get, the faster time goes by. I can remember as a child it seemed as if a year was forever, now a year is more like tomorrow.

Halloween was a success. My daughter got to be a ringmaster and I ended up buying a women’s costume for her in a small and sewing it to make it kind of fit her. Now considering I do not have a sewing machine (I wish I did), I did pretty good on the alterations. Then my son was a lion who did not want his headpiece snapped at the bottom which was fine. I was just happy he kept it on his head. Then there was me, a black and white cat, at least that’s what I think I was. That evening consisted of a lot of walking and keeping up with my two minis. We began at my place of employment, which did trick or treating on each floor, there are 6 floors. Then instead of waiting for the elevator we took the escalator, which was probably the roughest part. My daughter was scared at one point and we were going up and she was stumbling and going down like facing sideways going down and screaming then BOOM she falls and at this point I’m at the top with my son and I would have to go down and around but she fell on the escalator and just sat there and it brought her up. Luckily, someone saw and helped because it was like EPIC FAIL at that point. It was fun though, minus me sweating the entire time trying to keep up with them. Once we finished all 6 floors, we went and got something to eat then it was time to do the outside part. Now, this was the easy part, we went through our neighborhood and both of the kids were fine. Nothing could scare my daughter she walked up and kept saying “that’s fake, I’m not scared,” then we got to the block that ended our night. We annually go to this hunted tunnel that is created by a group of homes in our neighborhood, we were driving to it and a couple of houses right before the tunnel, a scary decorated house had a man outside with a shovel and another man dressed in a morphsuit costume like The Rake (he did look extremely scary), now this man was on all fours jumping around the yard, my daughter looked and saw him and SCREAMED at the top of her lungs and began to cry real tears, while my son was just looking like what’s that. That ended our night out trick or treating, at that point she just wanted to go home and skip the tunnel, so we did just that. It was a good night overall though.

It’s that time, the holidays are coming up (just saying that is overwhelming), and for some people like myself that means family time, food, food, and food, Christmas shopping, and more family time. I truly enjoy the holidays, especially since I get to see my family. This year some of my family members are coming down from Wisconsin to Tennessee for the holidays. That makes me all bubbly. When my family links up its epic and you never know what to expect but you will indeed have a good time at some point.

Weight Check! So I haven’t weighed myself since this past Thursday, but I’m down to 232 lbs. I am so proud of myself because this journey has begun to get a little tough. The fitness side is getting the best of me. But when it all boils down to it I just need to suck it up and push myself to go harder. Other than that I’m still going. So until next time!


Rocky J

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