Words From Me!

Hey Guys!!!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is doing great, I know I am. Also, I hope everyone felt the love last week for Valentine’s Day, if not then here’s some ❤️ for you. I actually didn’t expect to really do too much of anything but my husband surprised me and took me out to lunch and got me a nice gift, a new bag and wallet to match. I was definitely not expecting him to do that at all, like seriously at all. That made my day. That night we kicked it with the kids and bought a heart pizza for them, and we all fell asleep in the living room. Precious moments like that I just love.

Random thing about me I love DIY projects. So these past couple of weeks I have just been DIY-ing. I have designed my own version of Bridal Shower Games, a set which includes Games (of course), cards to fill in specific things for the bride and then cards for both the bride and groom. I just love it, it’s so cute. I just like things to coordinate and look right. Long story short everything coordinated great! I also made a mailbox for my daughter for Valentine’s Day and got creative with that too. It was fun, I had never done that before. My daughter was feeling the mermaid/unicorn vibe so we turned a Ziploc Bag box into it. Her vision, my interpretation. Another thing I have been working on is naughty v. nice boxes. So here’s the thing with that, if you haven’t figured it out by now I am in a upcoming wedding and that’s where this comes into play. So I made boxes for everyone, and I cannot elaborate too much on them just yet, but just know they are so cute and creative. I will add those photos this coming weekend. But I have been doing so many projects it’ll be a drag if I keep going, just know DIY is soooo fun.

Weight loss, weight loss, weight loss. So when it comes to 20 something year old Rocky, she IS UNDER 220 lbs. Now, I do not know the exact number so I’ll update you all with that next time. But I am still losing weight, thank goodness. But I may pause for a minute until the wedding because I still want my dress to fit lol. I am still going strong though and I am happy about it.

Have a great week! I know I will! Until next time……


Rocky J

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