Words From Me! Hey

Happy June 1st Everyone!!!

The year is almost halfway over already. Seems like yesterday we were just celebrating the New Year. June also means Summer is near, but here in Tennessee it already has been feeling like Summer Summer Summertime. Seriously, more like a heat wave you can’t escape from.

Yesterday, was my birthday. I know that seems pretty random mentioning, because I didn’t really discuss it or plan anything for it. I just didn’t really want to do anything this year. For some reason, I just wasn’t really feeling it. Of course I went to eat with my daughter and husband and then we went to ‘The Escape Room,’ which was pretty cool. We escaped with 22 seconds left. Then we picked up my son and took the kids to the park. Afterwards, we went to Smoothie King and called it one. Shout out to my bff Tina for my gift and my B for my gift she sent me, I’ll post a pic below of my gift from my B, it’s all in the posted notes lol.


Today, I went to my fitness class, it was intense as usual. I also purchased some customized waist beads from someone that also attends the class. Initially, when she took my measurements, it was about 37.5 inches, so that the beads could sit above my belly button. When I received them today it fell and I have lost about 2 inches around. That’s a super plus. She’s making me another one and it’ll be smaller, I can’t wait.

I hope everyone has a wonderful June!!! Until next time.


Rocky J

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