Moms are AMAZING!!!!

Right now, my daughter is exploring different extracurricular activities to see what fits her. It’s a lot because she wants to do it all. During the summer she did dance, now she’s doing cheerleading, and she’s also a Girl Scout. She’s also considering trying gymnastics and singing. All I know is I was not ready, but I’m adjusting. I’m also on the PTA board for her school, which is actually pretty cool. But I still have to maintain balance because I also have my son and husband. My son is young so he’s not into as many things but he is a tad bit of a mama’s boy. *Side Note* He’s turning 2 Friday and I’m just not ready, my baby is growing up. My husband and I both are adjusting to the changes though. Our lives are literally getting busier and busier. But it’s all good.

I just know MOMS ARE AMAZING!! Balancing everyday life, kids, home, relationships, etc. is a lot, you have to be so strong. You deal with so many personalities, attitudes, emotions, you fix things, you make something out of nothing, you smile when you don’t want to, you bring joy to people when they are down, and you just do whatever you have to do to get it all done. Even when you become overwhelmed you keep pushing. That’s what I’m realizing. I know one thing, MOMS ARE PHENOMENAL!!!


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