2021 Me Please!!!

It’s legit 2021…. I can honestly say 2020 tried to break me in soooooooo many ways….. I mean the list goes on and on and on….. I didn’t fold though….. Definitely showed how strong I was because 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 listen there were times I almost allowed myself to break but then I kept telling myself I’m INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! & that right there pretty much boosted me…… To go back to how I entered 2020 I remember feeling like yeah this year is going to be rough….. I felt that way because literally on 12/31/19 I was getting sick, my entire body was aching, my throat was sore and my head was hurting, but I had things I had to do, my husband was working and I had the kids, we went to the car detail place, then running errands, picked up my cousin and took him a few places and still feeling completely horrible we ended up at church for the NYE service….. I went home and went straight to bed and was sick for 2 almost 3 weeks…. The Dr. assumed I had the flu and said it was too late to test for the flu by time I went but I had already told like naw this is something else, plus I hadn’t had the flu since I was in elementary school…. Anywho I’m saying that to say my year literally went exactly how I came into it…. Started out sick, the sickest I have ever been in my life, but I still got up and fought through the pain…. I didn’t allow it to stop me….. Same with things that happened in 2020, from deaths, to accidents, to moving, to numerous unexpected expenses, to pain, to fears, man even arguments and disagreements….. I feel like I literally was in every space a person could be in….. But I didn’t BREAK…. Do y’all hear me!!!! DON’T LET WHAT’S GOING ON BREAK YOU!!!! You are too strong for that and people love you…. 2020 literally tested me in so many ways like bruhhh I can’t even explain…. Being broken is not an option though….

Now, 2021 is here and I’m here for it!!! I came into the new year with my family and would not have wanted it any other way. This year is going to be full of greatness and I can feel it!!

Soooooooooo 2021 Me Please!!!!!

Be INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!!! I love y’all stay strong 💪🏾❤️



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