Be Original, Shop Boutiques

A great way to stay original with your clothing and style is to shop where you know many people will not have what you have. The perfect place for that is a boutique. According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, the definition of Boutique is, “a small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories or a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele.” Boutiques are known worldwide and can always come in handy as an original place to shop. My definition of a boutique is a small simple place where I can shop and be original at the same time.

Here in Nashville, Tennessee we have many different types of boutiques. One boutique in particular that we have here is called “Simply The Best $10 Boutique,” at the boutique you can find it, all from clothing to accessories and everything really is just $10. Another boutique we have here, which is very popular, is “Blush Boutique,” with three locations in the Nashville area and continuously growing, this is the place for that modern look from professional all the way to sexy. A newer boutique that just opened this past summer of 2013 is “Mocha Boutique,” this boutique is for all occasions, dressing you from head to toe in all the latest trending fashions. There are many more boutiques here those are just a few to name.

Some people stereotype boutiques because they believe they are “too expensive at least that’s always what I’ve heard,” said Alisha Gathing, a non-boutique shopper. Gathing mentioned “when you see them on TV they look all uppity and very expensive,” however you cannot believe everything you see on television, I explained. Two out of state women, Mrs. Anya Gordon and Mrs. Shanetta Robertson, are two regular boutique shoppers. After they went shopping here in Nashville at Mocha Boutique, they both enjoyed their experiences. Robertson stated, “I really loved it and wished we had one in our hometown.” Gordon mentioned how great her experience was and how she cannot wait to come back and visit again to see what new inventory they will have in. Boutiques really can be enjoyable.

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Even though shopping at a boutique can be ideal, they have their own share of hardships as well. It is not easy to become an owner of a boutique. Here in Tennessee you have a process with many different stages you have to take part in before even thinking about starting your own business. You have to have a business plan, deal with taxes and insurance, get your business funded, and not to mention find a reliable and safe location for your business. That is not even really the half of it though because you have to get everything approved as well. You also have to register your business and your business plan has to be up to par with the regulations of your state to be approved. After all that is taken care of you can look on the bright side, you are open for business.

Boutiques are a great creation; they bring originality to the table. Not all boutiques sale the exact same thing. That leaves room for one to be and look different, not saying that people would dress up the same just because they have the same clothes. It takes a lot of work to open and run a boutique, just so us consumers can look good. Do not believe the hype that boutiques are overly expensive because that is not always true. Go visit some of your local boutiques and let me know what you think. Boutiques make you a product of originality.

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