Giving Back Never Taste So Good

Whoever knew that giving back could be so easy? Well you are about to know. I am letting you in on something big, something that can change people’s lives. Have you ever heard of Newman’s Own? Well if you haven’t you will by the end of this article.

Back in 1982 Paul Newman, actor and racecar driver, launched his own line of salad dressing and after making over $300,000 in a year with profits alone, Newman decided to give back. He decided all profits would be donated and he did just that, and continues to today. Over the years Newman increased his line of products and came out with his own Pasta Sauce, Lemonade, Microwave Popcorn, Salsa, Frozen Pizza and Frozen Skillet Meals. Not to mention organic foods, dog food, and wine. In 2008 Paul Newman passed away after battling with cancer, however, his family has kept his business going and growing, all while continuing to live up to Newman’s purpose of giving back.

Today the Newman’s Own Foundation supports four different areas of organizations, philanthropy, children, empowerment, and nutrition. Within these four different groups there is a total of 18 different organizations. The foundation donates 100% of profits and royalties to charity. “In 2012, after 30 years of giving, the organization hit a new milestone of $380 million in contributions to nonprofit organizations worldwide.” The “Newman’s Own Foundation uses the power of giving to help transform lives and nourish the common good.”

So here’s what I am getting at, just by you going out and making a purchase of any of these items made by Newman’s Own you are contributing to making a difference in many peoples lives. You can find Newman’s Own most of the time in you neighborhood grocery stores. So if you want to be apart of something big, buy Newman’s Own, plus their all natural.

“I want to acknowledge luck. The benevolence of it in my life and the brutality of it in the lives of others.”
- Paul Newman

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