Words From Me!

It Is Finally Friday We Made It!

I love when the weekend comes around, even though I am always working. It just makes me feel like I have a break to look forward to. Yesterday, I posted an update on my weight loss journey and I am excited to continue to see more and more results. Everyday I feel increasingly motivated to keep going. Now the truth to that is, it is not easy getting up early and going to the gym. Most mornings, I look at the time and just want to roll back over and some days I do, then I still get up and go to the gym. The push and drive I currently have trumps the part of me that wants to stop, as I said it is not easy, I just know I have to keep going.

Now, how about this weekend, tonight we are having a Girl Scout sleepover. Did I mention, I am tired, because last night I went to a Bachelorette party for my friend Ashley, who tomorrow will be a Mrs. I am overly excited for the both of them. Then I woke up and went to the gym this morning, then went for my run afterwards and I am now working, dreading a nap. Now, back to the weekend, a sleepover tonight, celebrating Girl Scouts week, and then a wedding tomorrow. Sunday will just be a work and relax type of day. Well I am about to get out of here and prepare for this sleepover. Remember to pay attention to the news and what is going on around you. Until next time.


Rocky J

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