Stress Be Gone!

5 Things That Could Relieve Stress

Stress is very common amongst us, it should not be, but it is. Some may blame it on the world we live in; others blame it on life in general. The thing is they have a common ground, STRESS. So how do you get rid of stress or calm the stressing nerves in your body? I am not a doctor but you do not have to be a doctor to know what can calm you down and relax you. So here are 5 ways I have relieved my stress in the past.

  1. Get Your Move On!
    • Seriously, exercising gets your blood flow going and provides you with a boost of energy leaving you feeling refreshed. So, if you need to go outside for a walk, jog, or run, do it. I also found that yoga is a great source for relaxation. Once that blood starts flowing, you will feel a breath of fresh air. So move it!
  2. The Tub
    • A warm bath is soothing to the body. You can dim the lights and light some candles (eucalyptus candles are amazing). You could also put on your favorite music, or some soothing tunes to set the mood. Then, you just lay back and relax. Let your mind take you to your happy place and for that moment forget about all your worries. This may sound like a temporary fix; yet, you might come out with a different aspect to resolve some of those worries.
  3. Have Fun
    • Nothing like having a little fun, now everyone interprets fun differently, so do something you consider fun. Here are a few things you could try for fun, like playing board and card games, having a picnic in the park, writing out your bucket list and trying to complete something on it, helping someone in need, planting a garden, writing someone a letter you haven’t talk to in while and reminiscing good times. Just have fun doing something that will make you happy.
  4. Family Time
    • Sometimes just being around family can make everything better, unless they are the reason for your stress, and if that is the case try friends. However, family is not always blood, sometimes those closest to you are family too. So get together with some family and do something, weather it be binge watching something on Netflix, or researching something that you all share interest on. Just spend time with others.
  5. Get In Tune
    • Sometimes you just have to get in tune with your body, mind, and soul. By this, I mean really take some time and put all your focus on yourself. An easy way to do this is to lie down and feel your body with your mind. It might sound weird but it helps, you can start with the top and go down.

Now, those are just ways that have helped me in the past. However, there are many other ways to relieve stress. Some people like to read to relieve stress; some like to listen to music, some like to meditate. It is almost as if you just have to find your happy place. If you have any suggestions on how to relieve stress, please share in the comments below.

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