At Home Workouts That Will Make You Sweat

What do I know about breaking a sweat at home? A little something called YouTube when you can’t make it to the gym. Seriously, there are workouts you can do not needing a thing but your body that will have you sweating cats and dogs right in your living room. What I have learned while doing at home workouts is that you have to keep going and not get distracted. That is why I like workouts on YouTube (without pushing pause) you will break a sweat in no time.

One of my favorite channels, aside from my own of course, is XHIT Daily. They feature workouts that you can do almost anywhere. They also have different people that do the workouts and different playlist you can choose from if you have a particular area you would like to focus on. My personal favorite playlist they have is “Little Black Dress Workouts,” you will be sweating cats and dogs.

After I found the XHIT Daily YouTube channel I found myself leaning more towards videos done by Kelsey Lee, so of course I had to subscribe to her channel. She has many different videos on her channel as well, that are not on XHIT Daily, that are good for working out in your living room and breaking a sweat. She is just like a YouTube personal trainer; she will have you good in no time, skip the gym!

I just wanted to share those with you so that you know you have options. The gym does not have to be your only resort when trying to get in shape or lose weight.

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