Words From Me!

Happy Saturday!

It’s such a beautiful day out today, I’m happy I got to get out and enjoy it a little this morning. I went for a long awaited BIKE RIDE! It was everything and not much more. I am not in shape at all, in fact the bike won this battle ride. I only rode for one hour doing 4.39 miles and it was a little struggle for me. First, I knew I was going to ride this morning and I was prepared, really not really. So I got ready to leave went outside and my bike was flat, lucky me right, wrong! I went inside to get my air pump, and it’s nowhere to be found (still can’t believe that). So my husband said I should just go to the gym instead, I said NO! So what did I do, I walked my bike to the gas station and aired it up. It was a rough start but I made it through. I am just happy I did it; I motivated myself to get up and get out. I’m going to attempt to ride 3 to 4 times a week, we will see how that goes.

In other news though, something that I ran across yesterday, the media and Malia Obama. They are just doing the absolute most, trying to down talk her for living her young adult life. Someone shared a video of Malia while at a Harvard University football match sharing a kiss with this young man and smoking a cigarette. It’s perfectly fine for her to do all of that, she’s human I mean come on, at least she’s not out her killing people or something. Let her live!

Something funny I saw yesterday, was the shade that Wendy’s retweeted about McDonald’s, I’ll show screenshots below. Apparently, McDonald’s sent out a incomplete tweet and Wendy’s took it and ran with it. Now, I haven’t ate McDonald’s in 3 years but everyone knows their ice cream machines are never working. Christine Teigen even had to respond, it was all shade. This had me laughing so hard. Hopefully, it will give you a chuckle too.

Now, if I could only get back to my YouTube channel. I hope that I can do that in the next week or so we will see. I have a lot to talk about so sooner than later. Well I am going to get back out and enjoy the rest of this lovely Saturday, until next time!


Rocky J

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