Love Yourself First

Many times people find themselves doing so much for others, that they forget about themselves. This can become overwhelming and at times, people neglect themselves so much that when something does become wrong with them they question why. Now, do not get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with nurturing, caring, and putting your energy into others. However, you cannot forget to recharge and take some time out for yourself. You do not want to become so overwhelmed that you end up putting off bad vibes in the positive things your are trying to be apart of. This is why it is extremely important to love yourself first.When you love yourself first, all the energy you put out into doing for others changes the overall outcome. Loving yourself first makes the love you spread to others more genuine. Some people say “How can you love others if you don’t love yourself,” that is because self-love is vital.

Here are some self-loving techniques to try that may assist:

  • Take care of yourself by nourishing yourself
  • Unplug from everything and have some me time
  • Your NEEDS come before your WANTS
  • Know that it is ok to say NO!
  • Do not over do it, know your limits when putting your energy into other things and people
  • Make decisions for yourself
  • Nothing is perfect so never put yourself down
  • Understand that if something goes wrong it is ok
  • & Rest Up!

Remember, self-love is priority.

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