Words From Me!

Happy Monday!

Ohhhh Baby It’s Cold Outside. The weather has definitely changed over these last couple of weeks. I do not know if I am ready for winter, with all these changes in global warming. I mean this past weekend it snowed in places that have not seen snow in 30 years. Let us just hope for the best and stay safe and warm.

Aside from the weather, Christmas is exactly two weeks from today, which is still hard to believe. This past weekend my children and I got together with one of my sisters and her children and made some DIY Christmas ornaments and we made these awesome DIY snowmen. It took a lot out of us, since all children were 4 and younger, but we managed and it took 2 days to complete. It was so fun though; maybe it will become an annual family event.

Now an update on my bike riding, I did not ride this weekend. Yeah, I was definitely supposed to ride but a migraine got the best of me Friday night so Saturday morning it was still lingering and Sunday I slept in. I will just consider that as my break weekend.

In other updates, I am currently working on a YouTube video, hopefully that will be posted by next week *fingers crossed*. That is all I have for now, so until next time, stay warm.


Rocky J

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