Nighty Night!

My Night Time Routine

Over the last few months I have been feeling so overwhelmed. I have been restless, easily frustrated, and just annoyed. So I decided to try something new. At night time once the kids are down, it’s mommy time.

  1. I literally go into the bathroom and close the doors (I have 2 doors in my bathroom)
  2. Light a 3-wick candle (from Bath & Body Works because I absolutely love their candles)
  3. Turn on the shower with HOT water only and I sit there
  4. I let the bathroom fill up with steam and sit and relax for a few minutes
  5. After that, I add some cold water to the shower and get in
  6. Once I’m in the shower I stand there and just let the water hit me for a while, clearing and refreshing my mind
  7. After I enjoy that moment, of course I go on to wash my body
  8. Then I prepare to get in bed

OMG it is so relaxing to do this.

As a plus you can also add some music into the mix. I do this occasionally, but most times I enjoy the silence.

Since I’ve started doing this I have slept so much better. I have also been less frustrated and less annoyed. It’s a quick easy way to make time for yourself and enjoy some relaxation.

2 thoughts on “Nighty Night!

  1. Sierra says:

    This absolutely works! I did this just yesterday.. at a different time though. After my workout, I ran the water for a shower and let it steam up the bathroom(never usually do if cause I don’t like foggy mirrors). I just sat in the bathroom for a few minutes before I actually got in the shower. Afterwards, I took a bomb well needed nap. Haha lol

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