Words From Me!

Happy New Year’s Eve

Another chapter starts tomorrow, 2K19! This past year was definitely full of everything.

I hope all is well with everyone. Everything is going smooth my way. I know last time I was preparing for Christmas, trying to get everything together for my kids. Our Christmas turned out to be a success, and yes I bought the L.O.L Surprise toys for my daughter, which I must say was a lot, a lot, a lot. She was happy though, extremely. Now for my son he got cars, cars, and more cars, I did not know having a son consisted of so many toy CARS! I’m just trying not to trip and break my neck over them. Other than that everything went really good.

Christmas Eve night, well really Christmas morning while I was finishing up wrapping gifts, I decided to watch Bird Box on Netflix so I wouldn’t fall asleep. I haven’t read the book or anything but I definitely liked the movie. There was so much negative feedback regarding this movie, I felt like it was really good and symbolic with numerous messages within it. If you haven’t seen it and have some free time, I would definitely suggest you check it out.

WEIGHT CHECK!!! So I am officially down to 221 lbs. I recently posted my before and after pics on Twitter. In September I was 254 lbs. now I’m 221 lbs. and I AM HAPPY ABOUT IT. At first I couldn’t really tell but now I can with the photos. You can click here to see my progress.

Other than that you guys be safe out tonight for the New Year. I’m Out!


Rocky J

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