What Am I Doing?!?

Hey Guys,

I am so excited because I am still dropping pounds, *BUSTING OUT IN A HAPPY DANCE* you guys just do not understand how happy I am. During this journey I have been overwhelmed and drained and ready to give up but then I remember I want my body back. Honestly, I always get inspired by looking at models and fitness magazines, like I can totally look like that, like seriously. I am so proud of myself for achieving what I have achieved so far, over 30 lbs. down. *SCREAMING WITH JOY*

Now, I still eat whatever I want, just in less portions. I do eat salad often because I love Wendy’s Spicy Caesar Salad and I am definitely addicted. I don’t really eat beef like that but I’ve been that way, sometimes I crave a Whopper every now and then, but it’s rare. I don’t buy beef, unless it’s on a pizza. I have a weakness for sweets, specifically chocolate and it’s bad. I am trying to slow down my sugar craving but my goodness it’s hard. Now, I can say that I’ve cut back on pasta because I love love love pasta. I also drink water water and more water. I mean I love drinking tea too, so don’t think it’s all water. Ooooo I love Apple Juice too. I don’t drink soda like that, so I’m sure that plays a part. I love Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, the oats ‘n honey to be exact. So my diet is pretty normal.

This past Friday night I had the pleasure of going to a “Top Secret Dance and Fitness” class. It was the Trap N Twerk edition, and let me tell you it was soooooo much fun! Burning calories while having fun is always a plus. I would recommend everyone check it out and see if there will be a class hosted near you. You can check out my pics from it here, I posted them on my personal IG.

Of course I also went to my B Fab fitness class Saturday. I was still wore out from Friday night but it was fun as usual and we got it in. LET’S GET IT!!!! I know I am not the only one trying to get it right and get it tight. Remember you can do it everyday. YOU GOT THIS!!! I’m not stopping and neither should you. Alright, well I’m out, talk soon!

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