Dance, It’s Monday!

Hey guys,

Happy Last Monday of Summer!!!

So over the past week my youngest turned 2. It’s bittersweet… My baby is growing up too fast. This morning he was watching something with his dad and he said “Oh my goodness” and I was like what? He used it right and everything… It’s all happening too fast. But we had a great birthday celebration for him. We went to the State Fair on Friday, and had a Spider-Man birthday party for him on Saturday. We definitely had a fun weekend.

Who knew that in 1st grade you learn nouns and pronouns and common nouns and all, noun this and noun that. My daughter is learning it now and man oh man. Now, just as a FYI the English language is my weakness. That’s only because I grew up learning Spanish more. I know that sounds unbelievable, but let me explain. Growing up in my household we spoke English, but when I started school at the age of 3, my mother had enrolled me into a Spanish Immersion Elementary School. That basically means that every class is taught in Spanish except for English. We even had our morning announcements in Spanish and even the pledge of allegiance. This continued through middle school as well. So when I got to high school it was a bit different because I was no longer in a bilingual program and all my classes were in English except for Spanish class. It was tough transitioning and English was and sometimes still is difficult for me. When I went to college I chose to challenge myself, I took numerous English courses. That helped tremendously. So that’s my long story short as to why English is my weakness. It’s almost like I’m learning with my daughter, but most stuff I know I just may not know the proper way to explain it.

Since my daughter has been in cheerleading I have not been able to go to my Saturday fitness class. I miss that class! But with all the running around I’ve been doing I still feel like I’ve been working out. My weight is sitting at like 220 lbs. I want to be 185 lbs. it seems like it’s taking forever. But hopefully this happens soon.

Well I hope everyone has a great Monday!


Rocky J


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