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Happy Monday!

It is the last Monday of March I cannot believe how fast, this year is going by. April is literally right next door at this point. I hope everyone had a great refreshing holiday weekend, I know I did. It is always great to be able to spend time with your family and loved ones. I have been busy, kind of, so last week I did not post anything. So here is an update, I did not work out last week in the gym at all. I hurt my right leg and I had to allow it to heal. Therefore, I did arm workouts at home. It really sucked because I am a right-sided person and so it took a little longer to get my leg back together. This week though, I feel great and I am ready to hit the gym. Although, I still cannot go crazy because I do not want to hurt my leg again. Oh, I did not tell you how I hurt myself, let us just say I pushed myself to far and strained my muscle. I guess going hard is not always the best idea. I will be wearing leg sleeves from now on.

Now for workouts, I think I am going to make a workout list and try different things. I am expanding my workout horizons. In addition, I believe trying new things will keep me motivated to keep going. It is very essential to have that motivation because you do not want to just give up and quit, well at least I do not want to be that person. Keep a positive attitude and it will take you a long way. What helps me when I am working out is music, or my favorite television shows. When I work out my music has to be high beat and something I can move to, almost like dancing. Then sometimes I miss my favorite shows on purpose and watch them when I am working out because I know I will keep going because my attention is in the show. Usually, I watch the shows while on the treadmill, it really helps. So I am going to look up some workout routines and see how I do, I will post an update in my next “Words From Me!” post, so be on the lookout. Well until next time!



Rocky J

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