Words From Me!

Hey Everyone,

It’s DECEMBER!!!! This past year has went by so fast, I can not believe in 4 weeks it will be 2017. I hope everything is going great with you all. I have been having so much fun these last two months, just enjoying life with family and friends, not to mention nature. Alright so I have a few post that I have wrote and just haven’t posted, yeah I know shame on me. I will be posting them in next few days though. I am still working out and getting my steps in, these Fitbit challenges get real.

Here’s what’s in store for my next few post, I went to a Microsoft Store Grand Opening, Bruno Mars new album has been giving me life, shopping for the holidays, my favorite go to YouTube channel for workouts and family fun for the holidays. I hope that they will be posted sooner than later. Also, I’m trying to work on a new YouTube video, I’ll get there I promise. Alright you guys, go into December with a bang!



RocKy J

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