Words From Me!

Happy Monday!

We are exactly one week away from Christmas! I am so excited, it will be my sons first Christmas. Even though he is only 3 months, I’m sure he will have fun. I hope everyone is able to enjoy this time of the year with family and/or friends. I cannot remember the last time I went home for the holidays; I miss that, maybe next year I’ll go home. It’s nothing like having that one dish that your mom (or any family member) makes and it’s just so good, in my case it’s greens, I miss my mamas greens, ooooooooweeeeee, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Now, let’s get to this bike riding I should have been doing. My intentions were to ride Sunday because Saturday I was on #MommyDuty, only to wake up to rain. I do not ride in the rain. Instead, I went to the gym and it has been a minute. Long story short, today my legs are a little sore along with my arms. I am not in shape, period point blank. Overall, the gym was smooth; I will be adding that as a nightly routine a few times a week. I also want to start an abs challenge, I will turn to Pinterest and get one and post it later on Instagram. You all have a great week, if I am not back before then, until next time!


Rocky J

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