Why I LOVE Riding My Bike

A couple of years ago, September 2016 to be exact, I was reading an article on what exercises burn the most calories. Little did I know, riding a bike, burns a whole lot of calories. When I found this out I was sold, I needed to find me a bike. It only took me like two days to find one after literally searching the web for hours. I did not want to pay a whole lot for a bike (Bikes can get pretty pricy) and I still wanted quality. I ended up finding a bike at Academy Sports & Outdoors. The bike is a Magna Silver Canyon Mountain Bike. I think it was meant to be; I literally paid about 50 to 60 dollars for my bike. So, that’s the back story of how I got my bike.

Now I love love love riding my back. Not only because I burn many calories in just a hour ride around, but because I realized how refreshing it was to ride. I ride all around my neighborhood, and sometimes even down to the lake (which isn’t far at all). After I ride, I feel so energized and balanced. It is honestly as if bike riding for me is also a time for meditation. Now I can admit at times I do get tired and may have to pause for a quick break but I think that’s only because my area has tons of hills and going down hill is fun but the struggle back up the hill is a completely different story. In the end though, it’s all worth it and that’s why I LOVE riding my bike. Currently, I am thinking about getting a child seat to attach to my bike so that I can ride with my baby, not sure how that’ll work since he is still very young, but I’m willing to try. Below I am sharing a brief look at how many calories you can burn cycling.


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