Paying “Sallie Mae Back” with Dee-1

So many people in the United States owe Sallie Mae money from college loans. Louisiana native and rapper Dee-1 also owed Sallie Mae and instead of not paying her back or taking years to pay her back, he decided to get creative. Dee-1 created a song almost everyone of us Post College Graduates could relate to. After graduating from Louisiana State University with his Bachelors’ Degree, he did not want to continue to deal with Sallie Mae so he knew what he was great at and put it to work in his favor. He was a middle school teacher but he wanted to do what he loved, after 2 years of teaching he went on to pursue his music dreams full time.

He recently released a single called “Sallie Mae Back,” which goes over how he paid off his student loans, and how it is time to celebrate. In the video he goes over how there will be no more annoying calls and how he had every number blocked from Sallie Mae. The song is an overall positive song and is encouraging against getting student loans paid off. He was able to pay Sallie Mae Back with the money he received for making the music, and it all worked out. Check out the video below.

“As we all know, student loan debt is out of control. So when I got my advance, the 1st thing I did was finish paying Sallie Mae back. I love being debt-free, so I made this song as an anthem to celebrate and also to encourage others who are working towards being debt-free.” – Dee-1

This song is also inspiring for those students looking forward to going to college. This should encourage them to apply for every scholarship and grant possible. Owing Sallie Mae is nothing to look forward too. It is a trap with interest, which just digs you into a deeper whole. Moreover, it goes on your credit and affects your credit score.

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