Words From Me!

Hey Everyone!

January is coming to an end already, geeesssh that went by fast. It was a great month though so much was accomplished. Now let’s get to it. My 2-week fitness challenge ended yesterday. That was extremely intense since I had not been working out at all really. Those lunges, sit ups, planks and push-ups got me every time. I also was doing the Nike Training as well and that has similar workouts and is a little more intense. Let’s just say I realized how out of shape I really am and I am happy to continue on this weight loss thing. Another thing I came across yesterday was Fitness on my TV. I was going through On-Demand and saw that they have a fitness section, and you can pull up workouts. I know I am probably late to this but I really did not know about it so I am going to be trying that as well. Now for my next challenge I have no clue what I am going to do. I still am working on the Nike Training so I may take this week off, just try different workouts, and start a challenge next week.

Grammy Thoughts? I thought I would go in detail on the Grammy’s but I’m not. They were cool, fashion was beautiful, Bruno Mars did his thing, Cardi B did too, DJ Khalid, Rihanna and Bryson Tiller did good, The Carter Family was in attendance and elegant, SZA didn’t win and was most nominated female, I guess it wasn’t her weekend this time, there was a Narration of the book Fire and Fury and it was hilarious, Pink made a statement in her performance, Childish Gambino did his thing and brought out JD McCrary and that young man can sang, Kendrick Lamar along with Dave Chappelle opened with a Satire, the women came together for a performance led by Kesha #TimesUp and yeah the Grammy’s were smooth.

Alright, until next time! Peace!


Rocky J

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