Words From Me!

Hey guys,

I hope all is well!!! Tomorrow is the beginning of a great month, aka my birth month, MAY!!! I love love love May. It’s the perfect time of year, where it’s not too hot but not too cold, bugs are out but they aren’t as bad just yet. It’s just perfect, and I can honestly say spring is probably my favorite season.

Straight to it though, yesterday, my baby aka my 1st born, aka my princess, Miss Regina Elise turned 6. Those 6 years feel like a dream, I look back and I’m like wait a minute you were just a little baby. Time is so precious. I took cupcakes to her school, Power Ranger ones per her request, and after school we got ice cream and went to the lake. Then we ended the night at Dave and Busters. She really enjoyed herself.

This past weekend I was in New Orleans, LA. It was my first time visiting LA. I had a great time, and experienced a lot too. I learned how to eat crawfish, I was soooo scared at first, but it was really good. It reminded me of shrimp, just spicier. I had some beignets, some fudge, went on Bourbon Street, went to 9th Ward, learned that I’m not suppose to pronounce the “D” in Ward, had some bomb jambalaya and gumbo, went to the drive thru Daiquiri Shops, got a hand grenade and just had a good time. Click Here to see some pics from my trip.

I previously tried Nashville Top Chef’s food box, where I got food for a week for a family of 4 for only $40.00. It was really cool, and came with the recipes and all. Unfortunately, the program was shut down. You can read more about it here, where Chef Rae explains. Hopefully, it will be able to be relaunched, even if under a new name.

Weight loss, where art thou?? Well, actually I gained back like 7-8 lbs. I know I know I’m slipping. But I am catching myself, and as a matter of fact I am going to get a salad for lunch today. I go through these random times where I become a super foodie and want to try new things or just have a taste for some good savory flavors. So we will see how I overcome.

I think that’s everything for now guys. See ya next time!

Rocky J

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