A New Kind Of Taste

I love me some gooooooooood food!!!!!!!

Recently, after one of my fitness classes, during our wind down open discussion, a lady brought up this new meal program that she had tried and I was convinced to give it a try as well. The program is called Nashville’s Top Chefs, NashTopChef for short (that’s also the handle they use for all social media). It was founded by Chef Rae and Chef Jeremy Graham. So when it was brought to my attention all I knew was this: 1. They provide meals for a family of 4 for a week, 2. It only cost 40 dollars, 3. They provide the recipes, 4. You may need to buy dairy products and/or seasonings needed, 5. The food not only comes from the grocery store but local farmers as well, 6. You purchase by Wednesday and pick up Saturday. That’s all I needed to know to want to try it out. They don’t only have boxes for a family of 4, they also have Double Portion Gourmet Meals, Fresh Juices, Individual Weekly Meals, Five Gourmet Meals, a Family Box which feeds your family for 2 weeks, Athlete Meals, there is even a Veggie Box and did I mention they even offer national delivery, so if you’re located in the United States, you too can indulge in this greatness. You find everything they offer by clicking here.

“Nashville’s Top Chefs is a community service learning project of Knowledge Academies, Inc. (KA). This five-time national award winning learning model empowers communities through real world projects that empower families towards a successful life.”

“The mission of Nashville’s Top Chefs is to solve healthy food access for families. This will be achieved through a first of a kind network of resources that address healthy food, wellness, financial literacy, and career advancement.”

Now, let’s go through the process. When I first went to the website I learned not only about what they offer but the back story to this amazing creation. I learned that this is to benefit families and help families save money on their monthly grocery bills. This is a food community service project, they have a national scholarship fund, and they encourage overall growth within communities nationwide. Finding this out made me even more interested in being apart of their movement. With that being said, I placed my order this past Tuesday, and picked up my first box today. I had no clue what I was going to be getting. I got to the pick up location, provided them with the information needed to pick up my order, I could see both Chefs prepping the boxes, they provided me with a receipt and then I met Chef Rae, who walked outside with me and my children and loaded the box into my vehicle. I thought that was soooooo nice, it was like genuine, plus I got to meet her, cool right.

Next, I get home, now remember I haven’t touched the box because Chef Rae loaded in my vehicle. So from the looks of things I thought it was going to be a breeze picking it up and taking it in the house. Let me tell you, looks can be deceiving!! I said wow it must be a whole lot of stuff in here, because I know I am not that out of shape, plus I had just left the gym from working out. Long story short, I get the box in the house and sit it on the counter and I began to unbox it, first thing I see on top is a pamphlet book which has the recipes and more information about NashTopChef. The box had so many things in it I do not even know where to begin. So I took everything out and took a picture which you will see below. I was amazed at all the things that were in that box like seriously. So tomorrow I am going to start with the first recipe and go from there and of course post about it. Now, I’m no chef but I’m going to try, maybe I can master plating my food cute for some pics.

Here’s what I got:

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