Simple Eating, Day 2

Day 2: Chickpea Vegetable Curry

Today is Day 2 of my meal prepping from my Nashville Top Chefs food box. This was probably one of the easiest meals to make, with only 6 main ingredients and some basmati rice, it was a piece of cake. For this recipe, the only additional thing I needed to buy was some heavy cream, I already had olive oil. I did this meal by my lonesome today, which was smooth because it did not take long. Of course, I’ll share my process in photos below.

Initially, I was nervous about making Garbanzo Beans, because I’ve never had them. They actually are not bad at all, I thought they were going to be a hard texture but they’re not. Making this was literally a simple process. I started out sautéing the beans, carrots and peas together. While that was cooking I boiled my bell peppers. After I boiled my bell peppers, I used my magic bullet to blend them up, I made sure to add some of the water I boiled them in as well, so it would be smooth once I poured it out. I added the blended bell peppers to the beans, carrots and peas. Then I had to add the Thai Curry Paste and Heavy Cream. After mixing everything together, VOILA, it was done. Easy!

For this to be so simple it really taste good, I was definitely impressed.

Here’s the pics of the process as well as the end result:

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