Good and Simple Eats, Day 4

Day 4: Vegetable Samosas with Chimichurri

It’s day 4 of my meal prepping from my Nashville Top Chefs food box, and man was this dish yummy tonight. It was actually smooth preparing this dish this evening. I did have some substitutes I made. Now, this dish was suppose to be made with Phyllo Dough, but I did not have any. I used another bread, that turned out to clearly be good. I also put my ingredients for my Chimichurri in my Magic Bullet instead of a food processor (it works just as well). Photos will be posted below.

All I did was dice up some veggies and cooked them with olive oil, next I put butter on the bread and layered it with the veggies. I then baked the bread and veggies for about 30 minutes.  That was pretty much it. For the sauce, I just mixed all the ingredients together and blended them up. Heads up, the chimichurri sauce is spicy, good but definitely spicy. This recipe was a piece of cake for me and it taste pretty good together too.

Here’s my process and end result:

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