Eating Good, Day 5

Day 5: Pulao Rice

It is officially Day 5 of my meal prepping from my Nashville Top Chefs food box. Today I made a remix to the recipe. I did not have peas, but I did have some carrots, I did not want to dice the carrots, so I just cut them in regular slices. Now, another thing I missed out on was making it along with Raita. I didn’t figure out until I was done that they are usually eaten together. It’s fine though I may just try it another day. Of course my pics will be loaded below.

This was easy and taste really good. I felt like some shrimp added would’ve topped it off, but no shrimp for me. I started out making the rice, then while that was cooking, I sautéed the veggies in Ghee. After that, all I did was mix up both veggies and the rice. I was sure to add in seasonings of course. And that’s it for today, easy, tasty, and different.

Pics of my process and end result:

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