Eat Up, Day 6

Day 6: Charred Corn

My week is slowly coming to an end for my meal prepping from my Nashville Top Chefs food box. I made it to day 6 woot woot. Today I made charred corn. I had to remix it though, I didn’t have a flame or grill to char the corn over so I improvised. I broiled the corn in the oven, while continuing to rotate it. It made up for me not being able to use a flame or grill. Pics will be posted below.

So the process making this corn was extremely easy. I began having to peel and clean the corn then I broiled the corn. Once it was complete, I submerged it in Ghee and then added seasonings and finished with some squeezes of lime. This was super easy. It also taste really really good.

Here’s my process and end result:

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