Snacking, Day 7

Day 7: Papadi Chips

Today I made the last recipe from my meal prepping food box from Nashville Top Chefs. It was a snack, a spicy snack, papadi chips. Now, from the beginning until now I can honestly say this was the easiest thing to make. All I needed was tortillas and seasoning and vegetable oil to fry. A very simple simple simple recipe. I’ll share photos below.

My process was extremely easy. All I had to do was cut up the tortillas, fry them and toss them in a bag of seasonings. Now, the seasonings, were spicy. So the chips were a bit spicy for me. I also made some extras that I did not put in the seasoning and ate those as well. I know I can get creative with this recipe, so I definitely will be trying some different things with it in the future.

The process and end result:

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